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Construction of New Modular House

Our technology

Dura Eco-Luxury Homes' Green Technology Solutions pave the way for sustainable and innovative living and working environments, and responsible stewardship of natural resources


Dura Eco Luxury Home solely represents Duratherm Building Systems™ in Costa Rica, we facilitate the construction of eco-friendly, healthy, sustainable, safe, and natural disaster-resistant homes while ensuring value and comfort to homeowners and commercial projects. Dura Eco Luxury Home stands at the forefront of construction innovation and resilience. Our Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) establish unprecedented benchmarks for building excellence. Meticulously crafted for the efficient realization of Design-Build excellence in luxury homes throughout Costa Rica and all around the world.

For a stronger, safer, and more energy-efficient home or building, Dura Eco Luxury Home SIPs stand out as the ideal solution. Our system is not only eco-friendly but also offers significant cost savings in both the short and long term. Experience a remarkable reduction of up to two-thirds in your utility bills over time and a similar reduction in your normal construction timeline.

What sets our CSIP panels apart is their unique design. Prioritizing safety, our structural insulated panels feature a full-body high-density polystyrene core. Additionally, we use stronger outer membranes made of laminated fiber cement sheet, not OSB (oriented strand board). This choice offers several advantages, simultaneously taking care of framing, insulation, interior and exterior vapor barrier, sheeting’, siding, and your drywall in one simple action; thus, reducing your labor costs and the delivery time of your project. in the short term, it eliminates the cost while creating a virtually fireproof environment, enhancing safety and saving you money. In the long term, it reduces maintenance costs and provides a healthier, mold-free environment with greater ease compared to its OSB SIP counterparts. Choose Dura Eco for a home or commercial project that not only surpasses industry standards but also delivers lasting benefits of safety, economy, and sustainability.

Eco Luxury Home
Home with Green Technology Solutions

Innovative Construction Solutions:

Discover our diverse range of meticulously designed CSIP Panels, tailored for floors, walls, and roofs. Crafted from the highest quality materials, our panels feature a sandwich composition with durable laminated fiber cement exterior sheets and a high-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) full-body core. This unique structure creates a monolithic unit, ready for immediate use without the need for additional drywall or siding.

Earthquake-Proof and Hurricane-Resistant:

Globally recognized as the safest building alternative in earthquake-prone zones, our CSIP Panels have proven their resilience. From Mexico to Haiti, they stand as the preferred choice for reconstructing earthquake-damaged structures. With an established track record, including resilience in 8.4 magnitude earthquakes and Category 5 hurricanes, our CSIPs offer unparalleled structural integrity.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable:

Choose a clean and sustainable construction solution with our eco-friendly CSIPs. Contribute to a greener future by reducing your building's carbon footprint by an impressive 50-70%. Our commitment to environmentally responsible practices aligns seamlessly with evolving energy efficiency regulations, qualifying us under cap and trade as an approved energy-efficient product.

Engineered for Excellence:

Our building materials undergo rigorous testing, surpassing local Costa Rican building code standards and beyond. From innovative design to meticulous engineering, we take pride in delivering unparalleled quality and performance.

Smart Insulation Solutions:

Experience intelligent insulation solutions with our CSIPs. Beyond enhancing thermal resistance, the polystyrene provides exceptional soundproofing and thermal insulation. Choose efficiency over convention and elevate your living spaces with our cutting-edge construction technology.

Global Recognition, Local Launch:

With a proven portfolio of hundreds of completed projects worldwide, we are excited to introduce this groundbreaking technology in Costa Rica. Join us in building smarter, greener, and safer homes for a sustainable future.  
Welcome to a future-proof and sustainable approach to construction. Choose Dura Eco-Luxury Homes - where innovation and excellence redefine the way we build.

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