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Industry Benefits

Architects: Unlocking Design Freedom

Experience the freedom of design with our architect-friendly features:

  • Design versatility: Suitable for all design concepts, our system offers the flexibility architects crave for their unique visions.

  • Structural excellence: Our panels allow for large spans, empowering architects to push the boundaries of structural design.

  • Quality finishings: Achieve high-quality finishes effortlessly. Our system simplifies the finishing process, ensuring that the result meets the highest standards of craftsmanship.

  • Construction on steep slopes: Conquer challenging terrains with ease. Our system facilitates easy and affordable construction on steep slopes, expanding architectural possibilities.

  • Overhanging roof profiles: Allows for the creation of roof sections as thin as 15 cm.

  • MEP flexibility:  Our panels have integrated conduits for MEP systems and it allows the freedom to locate electrical sockets, switches, and water connections with great flexibility.

  • Sustainability credentials: Our material aligns with sustainability goals, promoting eco-conscious architectural choices, and winning high scores for sustainable green construction.

  • Fire resistance: All panels are fire-resistant, serving a dual purpose as effective fire-separating partitions, ensuring safety without compromising design aesthetics.

  • Fast construction and adaptability: Experience swift construction with the added benefit of easy design changes post-construction. Our system enables architects to iterate and refine designs seamlessly.

  • Thermal and acoustic isolation: Prioritize occupant comfort with our isolating properties, providing both thermal and acoustic benefits for a superior living or working environment.

In essence, our architect-focused features not only empower creative expression but also prioritize efficiency, sustainability, and adaptability throughout the design and construction.

Design with our architect-friendly features

Engineers: An array of structural solutions

  • Self-load-bearing capability: With the ability to withstand lateral loads of over 7.5 tons per square meter, our structures assure stability and resilience.

  • Support for large spans: Embrace structural freedom with our system, designed to support dynamic loads of up to 300kg/m2, allowing for the creation of large spans and open environments.

  • "Lightweight advantage: Weighing just 21.16 kg/m2 or 32.25 kg/m3 (4"-6" width), our panels significantly reduce foundation requirements, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  • Isolation excellence: Superior isolation with R-values starting at 22, ensuring both thermal and acoustic insulation for optimal living or working conditions.

  • Top thermal insulation: Remarkable thermal insulation with R-26 for 4" wall panels and R-39 for 5 1/2" floor or roof panels, enhancing energy efficiency and comfort. Our SIPs meet and exceed building codes' thermal envelope requirements, eliminating the need for additional insulation on the building's interior and exterior.

  • Fire resistance and durability: Withstanding temperatures of 550 degrees Celsius for one hour, our panels exhibit robust fire resistance, complemented by enduring weather and earthquake durability.

  • Construction on slopes: Conquer challenging landscapes effortlessly. Our system allows for easy and affordable construction on steep slopes, expanding engineering possibilities. Our lightweight panels significantly reduce foundation requirements.

  • Costa Rican tested: Tested in Costa Ricaby Lanamme UCR, Laboratrio Nacional, our solutions have met stringent standards, ensuring reliability and suitability for diverse terrains.

  • Green construction champion: Embrace sustainability with our eco-friendly approach, reducing a building's carbon footprint by an impressive 50-70%.

  • Energy-efficient excellence: Superior SIP energy efficiency and airtightness not only reduce HVAC equipment load but often result in cost savings through smaller unit requirements.

    Dura Eco’s system solutions not only elevate structural capabilities but also champion efficiency, sustainability, and compliance with the highest construction standards.

Our engineered solutions redefine construction norms:

An array of structural solutions

Construction Companies and Private Home Builders: Efficiency and safety

  • Labor cost efficiency: Slash project labor costs by at least 50%, ensuring a budget-friendly approach without compromising quality.

  • Waste reduction: Achieving a minimum 75% reduction in construction waste.

  • Swift construction timelines: Accelerate your project with over 50% reduction in construction time, delivering your project in record time.

  • Streamlined logistics: Simplify logistics by significantly reducing suppliers and materials. SIPs possess structural properties like an I-beam or I-column, replacing multiple components in traditional construction, including studs, joists, insulation, vapor barriers, and air barriers. This versatility allows SIPs to be employed in various applications such as exterior walls, roofs, and floors, making the construction process faster and cost-effective.

  • Built-in conduits: Enable seamless coordination across professions. Our system allows for MEP wiring and plumbing to be laid out post-structure completion, with built-in conduits, this eliminates the need to break open walls and floors for laying out conduit piping.

  • Minimal tool requirements: SIP construction utilizes a small and cost-effective set of handheld common construction tools, minimizing costs and ensuring accessibility.

  • Save on heavy machinery: Our lightweight materials can be easily carried by hand, eliminating the need for cranes.

  • Maintenance-free durability: Our system is nearly maintenance-free, designed to withstand the test of time.

  • Thermal excellence: Exceeding building codes for thermal envelope requirements, eliminating the necessity for additional insulation in interiors or on exterior facades.

  • Precise fit and finish: Achieve precision in fit and finish with our system, Utilizing SIP panels eliminates the need for applying black plaster cement mixtures, preventing inaccuracies and minimizing the need for messy work.

  • Clean, and safe worksite: Keep your worksite clean and tidy by eliminating wet cement and concrete works, enhancing efficiency and safety.

  • Fire zone partitions: Our panels function as highly effective fire separation partitions within multi-story buildings designed for offices, commercial spaces, and residential use.


Experience a new era in construction—safe, efficient, and cost-effective. Choose our SIPs system for a superior building quality construction.

Revolutionize your home construction experience with our SIPs system:

Construction Companies and Private Home Builders
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