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Self-load-bearing - Lateral load applied or equal to 8.11 t 6kg/cm2
Large spans – support a live load DF 300kg/m2
Light weight – Weighs just 21.16 kg/m2 or 32.25 kg/m3 (4"-6" width) significantly reduces foundation needs
Isolating – R-values starting at 22
Thermal insulation - The 4" wall panels have R-26 value, the 5 1/2" floor or roof panels have R-39 value
Fire resistance at 550 degrees Celsius for one hour
Durable – weather & earthquake
Allows easy & affordable construction on steep slopes
Tested & approved in Costa Rica

Green – reduces carbon footprint of a building by 50-70%
Superior SIP energy Efficiency and airtightness reduce HVAC equipment load and often provide savings via smaller unit requirements

SIPs meet and exceed building code thermal envelope requirements and eliminate additional continuous insulation needs on the building exterior

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