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Build your dream Home
in Half the time & Save
money too!
Reduce construction
time by at least 50%
Reduce construction
Save at least 50% in utility bills

Through Duratherm Building Systems™, we facilitate construction of ecofriendly, healthy, sustainable, safe, and natural disaster resistant homes while ensuring to bring value and comfort to homeowners or commercial projects. 

A key benefit of Duratherm SIPs, unlike the regular cement walls, it eliminates the need for repainting and maintenance, along with a much lower usage of timber. Another notable feature is Duratherm Building Systems™ use of elastomeric materials for wall finish. The reason being, elastomeric painting or synthetic stucco has elongation capabilities built into them, which prevents the formation of cracks. our goal is being environmentally responsible, offering sustainable solutions is at the core of all the processes. 

Duratherm has partnered with Elementia/Mexalit to manufacure its fibercement board. As one of Duratherm’s key ingredients, the fiber-cement board, developed by Eng. Fernando Gonzalez, is impervious to water and is fireproof, along with a significant number of other advantages and does not consume huge amounts of potable water in the production process. 

The Duratherm Building Systems™ board is a practical solution, which works from both an ecological as well as a safety standpoint.


Stronger, Sturdier, and Long-Lasting

Elaborating on a success story, a San Antonio based businessman’s experience with Duratherm Building Systems™. The businessman built a fishing cabin on one of the little islands just north of Padre Island in Texas. In July 2020, when the eye of Hurricane Hanna went right over his island, the fishing cabin stayed intact while his neighbors’ houses were completely destroyed. Despite six-to-eight-foot waves from the hurricane’s rage, their panels showed no signs of failure or cracks.

What sets Duratherm Building Systems™ apart from the rest is its resolute focus on sustainability and reduction of the carbon footprint. Homeowners can observe a 50-70 percent reduction in heating and air conditioning costs, which positively impacts the carbon footprint as well. Interestingly, through a simple statistical study, we can explain that unlike the common misconception that cars utilize huge amounts of energy, the average amount of energy used by a hospital building during a year was more than that of a thousand cars. If a building could move toward net-zero energy usage and become self-sufficient in energy production as a part of becoming eco-friendly, it would bring more returns to the hospital, or any other project for that matter.

This system is highly recommended by builders, Duratherm’s SIP reduces the cost of maintenance and labor expenses for end-users and developers. “With our wall panels, the framing, insulation, interior and exterior vapor barriers, drywall, sheeting and siding can be handled simultaneously,” solutions not only meet the needs of end-users but also offer benefits to builders, developers and bankers alike. 

For bankers, shorter construction loan time lessens the risks, for home owners, in some cases, mortgage is also offered with improved terms for green construction with an appropriate rating.

According to federal tax incentives for energy efficient homes and buildings

The link below elaborates on this subject -

Due to the system’s zero failure record in earthquake and hurricane-prone zones and cost effectiveness, the System has drawn worldwide attention.


We aim to meet our customer’s needs from all economic segments. Strategically collaborating with developers and designers, helping leverage eco-friendly practices that are financially beneficial to them.

We welcome you Join Dura Eco Luxury Home and take part in responsible stewardship of natural resources, saving time & money while enjoying all of the system's benefits.

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Save Time & Money

A Dura Eco-Luxury home is constructed with a new generation of SIPs - Structural Thermal-Acoustic Insulated Panels technology, manufactured by Duratherm building systems™. The technology and design meet the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities – but in about half the time.

Fire proof

Dura’s SIP’s have been design & tested to be fire resistant.

Weatherproof &
Hurricane Safe

Dura’s SIPs structure is up to seven times stronger than a conventional timber or steal frame design and can withstand extreme weather. This makes it a popular building method in areas subject to high winds and harsh conditions.

Healthy Living Space

Dura's SIP's are mold free, resistant to termite and pests with superior waterproofing & saline resistant characteristics Thus ensuring a healthy living space for the entire family

Dura’s SIP’s have been tested to withstand a G-force greater than 7 without affecting the structural integrity of the building.

Earthquake Safe

Acoustic & Thermal


Enjoy a Quiet Home SIPs have excellent sound absorption properties

Saves Money on Utility Bills

Reduces Your Utility Costs by 35-70% SIPs deliver unrivaled insulation, which reduces energy costs over the building’s lifetime. They are known to be around 50% more energy efficient than traditional build methods. Reduce Your energy bills by as much as 60%, translating to huge savings over the lifetime.

Environmentally Friendly

Green & Sustainable Highly energy efficient and therefore contributes positively to the environment by reducing CO2 levels. They also use significantly less energy during the manufacturing process compared to traditional construction, reducing a minimum of 75% of carbon footprint.

Limitless Design

Can be engineered and fabricated to suit any design of building. This allows architects and clients the flexibility and creative freedom to develop aesthetically pleasing designs.

Habitable Roof Space

Maximizes Your Living Spaces Dura’s SIPs system eliminates the need for conventional roof trusses, allowing vaulted ceilings throughout. SIPs are ideally suited for a 1 to 3 story design. This maximizes the space available on the first floor but also simplifies the provision of vaulted open plan living areas.

Extended Warranty

10 years for Structure and 3 years for Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

Green Financial Benefits

Recognized by gov. & banks Eligible for: Tax benefits & deductions, Better mortgage interest and Higher financing values

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Dura Eco Luxury Home was founded by a group of seniour project managers with a rich resume.....

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