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Our Goals

Who we are

Sustainable Construction Technology suppliers


Dura Eco-luxury home was founded by a group of senior project managers with a rich resume in building diverse projects. Dura Eco-Luxury Home has a vision to bring about change in the construction industry through advanced technology and creative design. We offer a Construction technology which is a green, efficient, cost effective and allows design versatility.

We offer an efficient & cost-effective home design solution, this guarantees optimization of material use and labor resources, subsequently resulting in saving time & money when building your project.


Our construction technology enables the highest level of finishes, more accurate, durable & resilient to earthquakes, fire, extreme weather, pests and is almost maintenance free.


Dura Eco-Luxury Home is the sole distributor, supplier & authorized builder of the Duratherm building systems™ technology in Costa Rica.

We stand for quality, reliability and on schedule delivery.

To lower construction costs and reduce construction time


To lower costs of maintenance and to provide a healthy mold free environment

To build a stronger, safer, more energy efficient home or building, that is also environmentally friendly & financially practical. Your children will be sleeping in the safest building system money can buy

To provide green technology solutions and responsible stewardship of natural resources.

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