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Private Home Builder

Cuts at least 50% of project labor costs.
Cuts more than 50% in construction time.
Simple Logistics, significantly reduces the amount of suppliers and materials to carry out the construction.

Simple coordination between the various professions. The method allows MEP system works to be performed after structure has been completed. All SIPs have built-in conduits.
Installation process requires a small and inexpensive tool set of common construction tools that can be sourced anywhere.
Save on cranes and heavy machinery as all materials are light-weight and can be carried by hand.
Maintenance free & durable.
System exceeds building code thermal envelope requirements, eliminate additional insulation needs on the exterior facades.
System enables precise fit and finish.

System enables easy, simple and quality finish work at the highest levels.

Keeps worksite clean and tidy - no wet cement & concrete works.

Suitable for all design concept. 

Tested & approved in Costa Rica. 

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